With Spring here (or right around the corner – we can feel it!), it means there are a few areas of the home we’re ready to shed some layers or lighten up and bedding is a big of the lot!  Discover unique bedding at Yorkshire Linen Beds & More, including the Spring season’s newest arrivals!

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Spring at Yorkshire Linen Beds & More

The weather is certainly on the turn as the first flowers appear and the days get a little longer – and warmer!  It’s been a cold winter, but as we all warm up a little, it’s time to look at lightweight duvets in 4.5 TOG, crisp new cotton bedding, lighter shades and weights of curtain and voile panels – plus all the stunning new designs and colours for the sunny Spring Season!!

Lightweight Spring Duvets

Sleep better with a lightweight duvet, as the nights turns warmer!  If it#s getting uncomfortably warm under your winter duvet, check out our range of 4.5 and 10.5 TOG duvets, ideal for the warmer Spring nights!  See all our duvets here!

Crisp Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases

Egyptian cotton, cotton or cotton percale, our range of crisp cotton linen is second to none in the area!  New sheets always make us feel a little better as we fall in to bed at the end of the day!  Plain white, hotel stripe of various beautiful shades, buy your Spring cotton sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More!  See all our sheets & pillowcases here!

Lightweight Throws and Bedspreads

A great way to add instant extra heat when the nights tun colder!  Lightweight throws also look fab, draped over the end of your bed, adding a touch of style to a very useful item!!  Buy lightweight Spring throws and bedspread from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More!  See all throws and bedspreads!

Curtains & Voiles

Lighter shades and lighter weights of curtains and voile panels!!  Buy unique and affordable curtains and voiles, perfect for your Spring 2021 space!  Elevate the look of your windows with our crinkle curtains, velvet drapes and natural fiber coverings.  See all out curtains and voiles!

Spring 2021 Bed Linen, Curtains & Furniture

Find the perfect bedding to match your bedroom décor. Here at Yorkshire Linen Beds & More, we have a range of bed sets and duvet covers in a huge range of patterns, colours and styles to ensure you get a cosy and comfortable night’s sleep every night!  Team up your bed sets with our collection of duvets and pillows and style with one of our throws.

If it’s still a little chilly for you, maybe think about our versatile throws and bedspreads!  Roll them over the bottom of your bed to cover your toes, or pull them right up if the night gets too cold!  Our range of beautiful throws and bedspreads will make you feel like you have all-new bedding too!!  With minimal effort, make your bedroom look even more deluxe!

We have huge ranges of Spring and Summer bedding, in a large variety of styles to accommodate any room decor!