Concept Satin Slub Ring Top Voile, White- OFFER

Our OFFER Satin slub voile is simple and understated and  will add style to any room.

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Offer Satin Slub Ring Top Voile, White

Satin Slub Ring Top Voile


A Beautiful White Voile

Our Satin slub voile is simple and understated and will coordinate with many of our curtains, bedding or cushion designs adding style to any room. Featuring easy glide, silver rings and soft light diffusing fabric that will keep out unwelcome flies but allow a lovely flow of air through an open window.

100% polyester.  Washable at 30 degrees.  140cm wide x 265cm long.

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Care of Voiles & Net Curtains


Care of Voiles & Net Curtains

Net curtains not only serve as window coverings, but they also allow the right amount of light into a home. Dirt, dust and debris can settle on the net with time and make the curtains look grimy and smell bad. Cleaning net curtains properly helps to keep them in good condition.

Pre-treat your curtains to remove all the dust and dirt before cleaning them. Removing dust and dirt before cleaning your curtains can help you to get them looking as white as possible. A lot of dust and dirt can get trapped in your net curtains over time so it is very important to pre-treat them before washing.

Take down the curtain. Remove the curtain rod from the wall and slip the net curtains off one side of the rod.

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Voiles & Net Curtains


Voiles and Net Curtains from Yorkshire Linen Warehouse, Mijas Costa and Marbella

Voiles & Net Curtains from Yorkshire Linen

Net curtains are a wonderful – and practical – addition to any living space. The thin and semi-transparent material helps provide privacy whilst still allowing sunlight to stream in and light the room. Net curtains are sometimes known as voile curtains or voile panels, generally describing the sheer net-like material that are commonly used as a window dressing, functioning as a privacy veil during the daytime.

Net curtains can be teamed with a pair of thickly lined curtains that will successfully block out any excess light come night time, whilst the net curtain will act as a complementary addition to the window dressing set. This helps maintain a feeling of privacy in the home during daylight hours whilst still maintaining a light and airy feel to the room. Net curtains are traditionally available in white, the neutrality of the colour making it complementary for all decors and any style and colour of curtain. The prevalence of white net curtains does not limit your choice however, should you wish to add a hint of colour to your window with a tinted net curtain.

Our range of voile curtains is perfect for adding a finish touch to your room. We have a variety of colours available including our traditional white voile panels to give a light airy feel to your windows. Create a design accent with our lace curtains inside or outside your window frame to retain your privacy but also let in the light to your home, beautiful embellished lace curtains and voile panels around French doors look great too. Add sheer elegance to your windows and see our selection of beaded curtains, voile panels and curtains available. Voile curtains make a great addition to French windows or even in the doorway to your garden not only to look great but also stop any unwanted flies or insects out of the house during summertime.