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White Bed Linen for Hotels & Holiday Homes

White Bed Linen for Hotels & Holiday Homes

White Bed Linen for Hotels & Holiday Homes.  You can’t go wrong with white.  It’s easy to clean, easy to replace and gives your holiday home or hotel guests an immediate sense of cleanliness and quality.  White is right if you’re renting to holiday makers.

White Bed Linen for Hotels & Holiday Homes

White bed linen and soft furnishings give a room, specifically bedroom, an instant freshness and cleanliness.  In our holiday home market, here on the Costa del Sol, we are surrounded by bright white and vibrant colours.  Just look at most of the housing blocks, villas and apartments, they are white stucco.  White is the colour of choice on the Costa.  Here at Yorkshire Linen BEds & More, we understand the holiday rental market very well.  We have been involved with a huge number of hotels, guest houses and privately owned holiday rental homes and we always recommend light and bright colour palates for this popular industry.

White Sheets, Pillowcases & Duvet Covers

Our range of white, 100% cotton bed linen is second to none, here in Spain.  xxx Take, for example, or Essential 100% Cotton Range, premium quality cotton bed linen for a perfect holiday home bedroom.

White sheets and pillowcases, white duvet covers, white voiles and curtains… they all help to give an instant sense of freshness and welcoming.  White is right for holiday rental homes.

Why Buy White Bedding?

Thousands of hotels can’t be wrong!  White can be bleached, white can be washed with white so all of your laundry can be washed together, making it easier and cheaper on the laundering costs and white can be replaced with white.

We have seen it time and time again where a lovely patterned bedding set has had a pillowcase ruined by nail varnish or fake tan and so a bedding set has been left incomplete – with white a stained pillowcase can be replaced quickly, easily and without breaking the bank! This is with the exception of towels, although white is still the most popular colour for towels in a rental property in recent years we have seen a swing towards colours such as beige, taupe and grey and the reason being- fake tan!

Many sun tan lotions and face/body lotions that are popular to use on holiday contain some kind of fake or self-tan which can be really difficult to remove from white towels and the neutral coloured towels seem to not show up so much the slight orange residue of fake tan that can be left even after a multitude of washing!

White Voiles and Curtains

White voiles and curtains let the light in, but keep your holiday home bedrooms cool.  As your guests arrive in their bedrooms, they are immediately shown a fresh and bright atmosphere, letting the beautiful summer sunshine in, while keeping the room cool and fresh and maintaining privacy.

Don’t Forget the White Towels

We’ve talked about the bedroom, but we shouldn’t forget the bathroom!  Again, white towels offer much more flexible cleaning, replacement and as with sheets, a fresh clean look for your holiday home bathrooms.

Beds, Mattresses, Headboards and Bedroom Furniture

Huge ranges of beds, mattresses, furniture, decoration and inspirational ideas for hotels or the perfect holiday home!

for over a decade, Yorkshire Linen Beds & More have been supplying premium quality beds, mattresses and furniture hotels and those involved in the holiday home rental sector.  Our ecxperience is second to none and we can help you create the prefect environment for your guests.  We all know the importance of happy guests.  Our accumulated wealth of valuable knowledge means we can advise you in every step of buying new beds or mattresses for your holiday home.  We’ll help you choose the right beds that give your holiday home the greatest flexibility and rental possibility.  We can offer a full, bespoke package to suit all budgets including delivery and installation.

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