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Sandra Voile Panels for Pole or Track

Sandra Voile Panel for Pole or Track, White - Curtains & Voiles - Yorkshire Linen Beds & More OG

Sandra Voile Panels for Pole or Track in White, Grey & Beige

Sandra Voile Panels for Pole or Track.  We are really excited to bring such a versatile product to our website! The Sandra Voile Panels are available in three trendy shades – White, Beige and Grey. The clever multifunctional heading tape can be used with a pole or a track system. The hidden tabs on the back of the voile are wide enough to accommodate a 28mm bar.  If you have track or use rings on a pole, hooks can also be threaded into the tape. There are three widths in this design 140 cm, 200 cm and extra wide 300 cm – ideal for larger windows. Outstanding value for money!

Voile Panel Sizes

  • 140 W  x 260 cm D
  • 200 W X 260 cm D
  • 300 W x 260 cm D

Voile Material & Care

100% Polyester.  Washable.

Voile Curtains

The Yorkshire Linen Beds & More range of voile curtains adds the perfect finish touch to your room.  Create a subtle design with our voile curtains – inside or outside your window frame – to retain privacy but also let the sunshine in to your home.  Available in a variety of colours and designs, including our classic traditional white voile panels, voile net curtains give a light airy feel to your windows.

Add sheer elegance to your windows and see our selection of voile net curtains, voile panels and curtains available. Voile curtains make a great addition to French windows or even in the doorway to your garden not only to look great but also stop any unwanted flies or insects out of the house during summertime.

Net curtains?

Voile curtains are similar to net curtains, but tend to come in a wider range of colours and designs.  Net curtains are usually available only in white and off-white, and are made from synthetic fibres, whereas voile curtains are generally made from natural fibres or a blend of natural and synthetic fibres.

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We have been trading at Yorkshire Linen Beds and More for over 10 years and our staff although highly trained have also accumulated a wealth of valuable knowledge. We can advise you in every step of buying a new bed or mattress, choosing the right length of curtains for your windows or completely furnishing a home or holiday apartment. (Yorkshire Linen Beds & More offer a full, bespoke package to suit all budgets including delivery and installation.)

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