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Promo Blackout Velvet Curtains

Promo Velvet Black Out Curtains - Yorkshire Linen Beds & More OG01

Promo Blackout Velvet Curtains, in Ivory, Blush Pink & Teal

A fabulous new range of blackout curtains. The soft velvet is elegant and luxurious. These curtains are thermal lined keeping out light but also keeping in heat saving you money. Sold in pairs.

Why Buy Blackout Curtains?

A good night’s sleep is easily the number one reason why you should buy blackout curtains. However, they are also great for reducing furniture and carpet fading caused by sunlight, making your home interiors last longer.

Many of our Blackout curtains are also Thermal, which will help keep a room warm and cosy in winter and comfortably cool in summer. Made of thick, heavy materials such as cotton or polyester, these curtains prevent air and draughts from entering or escaping through the window. The thickness of the curtains can even help to reduce noise pollution and provide a greater feeling of privacy for your home.

Because these curtains are extra thick, they are very durable and long-lasting. Our selection of Blackout and Thermal curtains will serve you well for many years to come.

As well as being practical, the high-quality look of Blackout & Thermal curtains will add an element of sophistication and style to a room. When choosing curtains, select styles that complement your existing home décor, and find the right length to elevate the look of your window. You can browse our wide range of colours and styles on offer to find a set that’s right for you.

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