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Pima Cotton Sateen Range

Pima Cotton Sateen 450TC Range - Yorkshire Linen Beds & More OG01

100% Pima Cotton Sateen Bedding

Outstanding Quality & Value!

A simply stunning range of premium quality Pima Cotton bedding, comprising flat and fitted sheets, duvet cover – all in sizes up to Emperor! – and range of pillowcases!  A real touch of class to any bedroom at surprisingly great prices!

Matching, extra-deep flat and fitted sheets with coordinating duvet cover and selection of pillowcases available in four wonderful shades – white, ivory, platinum and warm oyster.  Scroll down to see more about the shades and styles available in the wonderful range!

Crisp White . Ivory . Cool Platinum . Warm Oyster

Fitted Sheets . Flat Sheets . Duvet Covers . Pillowcases

Crisp White Bed Linen

Flat & fitted sheets, four pillowcases and coordinated duvet cover in stunning, crisp white!

Soft Ivory Bedding

A subtle off white ivory shade brings a touch of class in matching fitted & flat sheets, duvet cover and selection of pillowcases.

Cool Platinum Sheets & Pillowcases

A cool off-white for hot nights!  A beautiful slight grey range of flat and fitted sheets, duvet cover and range of pillowcases.

Warm Oyster Bed Linen

A beautiful warm white, range of stunning duvet cover, matching flat & futted sheets and range of pillowcases.

100% Premium Pima Cotton

There are three different species of cotton used to make the products we see every day. The most common type is Upland cotton, comprising nearly 90% of all cotton produced around the world. The remaining 10% is made up of two higher-quality cottons — Egyptian cotton and pima cotton.

Pima cotton is classified as having “extra-long staple cottons”, a term that refers to the length of the individual cotton fibers. These longer, silkier fibers produce a luxuriously soft fabric that is also incredibly strong. It’s resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading. But while Egyptian and pima cotton share similar premium characteristics — and even have the same scientific name (gossypium barbadense) — their differences lie in where they come from. Pima cotton is primarily grown in the United States, and Egyptian cotton thrives in the hot, dry climate of the Nile River Valley.

Fitted Sheets

Pima 450TC Fitted Sheets, Deep 38cm.  450 thread count, 100% Pima Cotton Sateen extra deep fitted sheets by Belledorm.  We stock a full range of sizes, up to Emperor, shown below!

  • Single: 90 x 190cm
  • Double: 135 x 190cm
  • Kingsize: 150 x 200cm
  • Superking: 180 x 200cm
  • Emperor: 200 x 200cm
  • Emperor XL: 215 x 215cm

Belledorm Fitted Sheet range available in four subtle shades – White, Ivory, Platinum and Oyster.

Flat Sheets

450 Thread Count Pima Cotton Sateen Extra Deep Flat Sheets by Belledorm. Outstanding quality and price, extensive range in four subtle shades and many sizes, up to Emperor.

  • Single: 180 x 260cm
  • Double: 230 x 260cm
  • Kingsize: 275 x 260cm
  • Super king: 300 x 275cm
  • Emperor: 355 x 295cm

Duvet Covers

Pima Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover by Belledorm.  Outstanding quality and price 450 thread count duvet cover in crisp white.  Extensive range in four subtle shades and many sizes up to Emperor!

  • Single 135 x 200cm
  • Double 200 x 200 cm
  • King 230 x 220cm
  • Superking 260 x 220cm
  • Emperor 290 x 235cm


450tc 100% Pima Cotton Sateen Pillowcases by Belledorm.  We stock a range or four pillowcase styles – Housewife Pillowcases, Oxford Pillowcases (50 x 75 cm), Bolster Pillowcases (Kingsize or Spanish pillows) and Continental Pillowcases (65 x 65cm) – in four complementing shades, all matching the Belledorm Pima Cotton Sateen Range!

  • Housewife Pillowcases – 50 x 75cm.
  • Oxford Pillowcases – 50 x 75cm (standard UK size)
  • Bolster Pillowcases (Kingsize or Spanish pillows)
  • Continental Pillowcases – 65 x 65cm