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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk - Choose the right pillow for the best night's sleep

Pillow Talk.  As we get a little older we often find it harder to get to sleep or to find a comfortable sleeping position aching backs , sore hips and stiff necks are 3 of the major moans that we hear about all the time but something as simple as finding the right pillow can alleviate pain and soreness.

Pillow Talk

Do you Sleep on your Side, Front or Back?

To find the right pillow we need to think about sleep positions, do you generally sleep on your side, front or back?

SIDE SLEEPERS will need a fairly lofty pillow.  A pillow with plenty of filling will keep your head, neck and spine aligned helping to prevent that dreaded “crick” in the neck sensation. We have a few models in our range which work really well for side sleepers – they have been tried and tested over the years and the feedback from our customers has been excellent after they found sleep improved after following our advice. The KOL SUPER SOFT HOTEL STYLE PILLOW is over filled with a DACRON fibre. The fibre is soft and pliable but very supportive and this pillow comes complete with a 100 % cotton, zip off protector.

The other pillow which we would highly recommend is the ANTI-ALLERGY pillow – this pillow is treated so that dust mites cannot live inside the fibre – ideal for asthmatics or anyone suffering with allergies. This pillow is seriously FAT and really offers lots of support, many of us here at Linen Towers use this pillow ourselves!

FRONT SLEEPERS, you will need a low pillow. A pillow with a very squashy filling that can be compacted down easily will again keep your neck slightly elevated but not bent back too much again keeping head, neck and spine aligned. Feather or down pillows are great for those who sleep on the front as long as the pillows are not to full. The pliable nature of feather means that the filling can be compacted down so as the neck is not lifted too much off the mattress when lying in a frontal position. The FLY feather pillow of LUXURY DUCK DOWN KLINUN pillow will both work well if you sleep on the front. If you are allergic to feathers any fibre pillow that can be squashed down will work too – we have many models in store that we can show you and even an area that you can try the pillow under your head and neck on a bed!

BACK SLEEPERS you will need a medium pillow.  A back sleeper generally needs something in between – not to high and not to low again allowing the head to be supported but without raising it too much and keeping the head neck and spine aligned. We have plenty of pillows that will work for back sleepers – a couple of our favorites being the KEEP COOL VISCO FRESH pillow which has the most amazing viscoelastic filling enclosed in a protector that regulates body heat or the EGYPTIAN COTTON pillow which is plump and supportive and covered in a luxury Egyptian cotton cover.

MIXED POSITION SLEEPERS. This is many of us as we may start off sleeping on our sides only to roll over on to our backs and finally flip over to sleep a while on our fronts. We suggest a combination of a low pillow and a medium pillow. We recommend this type of combination of pillows for rental properties and small hotels as well as the mixed position sleeper as you can use the pillows together or on their own to offer a full range of heights depending on how the client or yourself is sleeping on that night.

Top Pillow Tips

Don’t skimp on pillow protection – pillows get stained and smell very quickly here is Spain and although most pillows can be washed, every time you wash a fibre pillow the fibres break down a little losing the ability to offer as much comfort or support, a pillow protector will keep the pillow lasting much longer and will in the long term save you money. (The biggest put off in a rental property is clients stripping the bed and finding stained pillows or mattresses so protection is a must!)

Feather and Down pillows can be washed (not dry cleaned) we still suggest to still use a protector as these types of pillows take a while to dry and you don’t want to be doing this all the time. We highly recommend using lots of fabric softener in with feather pillows as not only will your pillows have a lovely aroma, it coats the filling and brings the feathers back to life if they have started to flatten over time. You must dry feather pillows completely, maybe even putting them in a tumble dryer to finish the drying process if not the damp feather will smell stale.