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Keeping Cool in the Summer Months

Keeping Cool in the Summer Months - Tips for the Warmer Months - Yorkshire Linen Beds & More

Keeping Cool in the Summer Months

Keeping Cool in the Summer Months –  Summer has arrived with a vengeance!  We all know it’s coming, but when those first few nights get here and we spend hours awake desperately trying to get to sleep Its pretty awful and can leave you feeling exhausted as your not getting your eight hours of quality sleep that is recommended.

If you are one of those people that play the foot in the bed and foot out the bed game or you wake up in the morning feeling tired and your sheets look like they have been in the washing machine all crumpled and in disarray then you may like to read a few top tips to stay comfortable in bed during the summer months!

Tips for Keeping Cool

STAY HYDRATED.  Your body needs moisture to keep you cool by drinking plenty of tepid or cold drinks that don’t contain caffeine.  Sweating is your body’s way to keep cool so by keeping your body hydrated you will stay cooler.

GO TO BED COOL.  Take a cool (not cold) shower before going to bed literally cooling your blood before you try to sleep.

COLD COMPRESS.  Wet some cloths such as tea towels and pop them in the fridge or freezer for half an hour to cool down.  Wrap the cold cloths around the back of your neck and /or around your wrists. These areas are where the blood vessels are close to the skin so cooling these points again helps to cool your blood!

NATURAL FIBRE BEDDING.  Natural fibres such as cotton, bamboo and the amazing new Tencel fabrics are ideal for using on your bed.  These fabrics feel soft to the skin and are more breathable than synthetic materials allowing moisture to be absorbed and heat dissipated.  A common mistake when buying bed linen is to buy a really high thread count – the more threads per inch the thicker and heavier the bedlinen.  If you want to stay cool, choose a low to middle thread count, anything from a 200 to a 450 thread are ideal.

Natural Fibres to Keep Cool

NASA TECHNOLOGY.  The boffins (excellent word!) at NASA come up with all sorts of fantastic innovations and some of the revolutionary new thermo-regulating mattress and pillow protectors are incredible!  These products are cool to the touch and every time you move or turn over your pillow there will be a cold spot.  Heat is dissipated by these clever covers helping you to achieve an optimal sleeping temperature (not to hot and not to cold).  These products are also brilliant for our ladies who find themselves suffering from the hot flushes that come with the menopause.

Thermo-Regulating Bedding

CHOOSE THE RIGHT BED.  Pocket spring mattresses are cooler than pure foam mattresses which tend to hold the heat.  Springs work like bellows pushing and pulling air through the mattress as you move around in your sleep.  Many traditional style mattresses from brands such as Hypnos, Sealy and Flex Exclusive, combine the pocket springing with natural components such as latex, horse hair crin and cotton which hold no heat.

The newer models combine springs with memory foam gel which again doesn’t hold heat OR even better, a mattress such as the amazing Emotion Mattress which has a Summer/ Winter side.  The fabric on the summer side is really cold to the touch even on the hottest of days or nights.

The Emotion Mattress - The Premiere Collection of Beds, Mattresses & Headboards from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More
The Emotion Mattress – The Premiere Collection of Beds, Mattresses & Headboards from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More

CLOSE THE CURTAINS OR BLINDS WHEN IT’S SUNNY.  Really a simple thing, but by closing your curtains or blinds and keeping out the sun you automatically stops the build-up of heat in a room. Many curtains now are energy efficient not only blocking out the light and heat from outside, but stopping any cool air from the aircon or fan from leaving the room.

PUT A BOWL OF ICE INFRONT OF A FAN.  Ok, it sounds silly, but the air from a fan that blows across the ice really does cool down making it just that little bit fresh feeling as it blows into the room.

OPEN A WINDOW DURING THE NIGHT.  Once the sun has gone down, let a little fresh air into your bedroom.  Voile curtains or nets are wonderful at allowing the air but stopping the mosquitoes from getting in to feast on your hot blood during the night!

TURN OFF THE LIGHT.  Traditonal lightbulbs and electronic devices give off heat. Turn off the lamps and laptops saving electric and the build up of warm air.

We’ll Help you Keep Cool this Summer!

At Yorkshire Linen Beds and More, we are full of tips and advice to help you achieve the perfect nights sleep!  All of the items mentioned in this article are available in our Mijas Costa and Marbella stores or here online.

For the soft furnishings such as Curtains and Voiles, Thermo regulating protectors, natural bedlinens made from Cotton, Bamboo or Tencel and even the tea towels, shop now!

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Sleep well!