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Holiday Home Bed Protection

Holiday Home Mattress & Pillow Protection

Holiday Home Protection.  You’ve invested a lot of time and effort in to getting your holiday home right, now make sure it stays that way with our extensive range of quality mattress and pillow protectors.

Holiday Home Protection

Mattress protectors and pillow protectors from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More.  Extend the life of your valuable bed linen with premium quality protection for mattresses and pillows.  Ideal for home, essential for holiday homes, rentals and hotels!

Mattress Protectors

Go water proof.  Don’t be scared of water proof mattress protectors with as with modern technology and innovative fabrics, many are now breathable so will not make you hot and sticky as well as being 100 % protection for the mattress.

The exception to the rule are protectors backed with rubber – these will make you hot and sweat meaning you may find your client will have removed them from the bed during the stay totally defeating then object.

Some models of protector can be washed at 90 degrees which may be handy. Quilted protectors are the popular choice for a property that is only going to be used by yourself or close friends say but holiday makers after a few glasses of Sangria, children out of a normal night time routine use your imagination.  Accidents will happen so play safe and be properly protected!

Pillow Protectors

The most common mistake made when purchasing new bedding for a rental property is not protecting the mattress or pillows. The most off putting thing to an arriving guest is finding stains on a mattress or pillow or even smelling sweat on a dirty pillow.

It only takes a few nights of heat for a pillow to become infused with the moisture that has evaporated from a head leaving stain and odour which will be unpleasant for the next guest. Pillow protectors come in many styles and sizes – quilte , cotton , anti-dust mite with virus protection and even keep cool protectors that regulate body temperature.

Choose an option with a zip fastening so that they stay in place when the pillowcases are being removed during changeovers unless they need to be removed for laundering.