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Brighton Hill Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Brighton Hill Outstanding Value 100% Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Great Value Luxurious Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Outstanding Value 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen!


Matching Cream Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet, Duvet Cover, Oxford and Housewife Pillowcases.

NEW for 2017, Yorkshire Linen have introduced a range of luxury 100% Egyptian cotton bedding – at prices that will make your jaw drop!  We all know Egyptian cotton is the best you can buy, often considered an ‘investment’, but our newest range of beautiful Brighton Hill Egyptian cotton bedding is at prices that will make you smile from ear to ear!

Elegant and luxurious, the new Brighton Hill matching range of cream bed linen will bring an understated style and sophistication to any bedroom.  Mix and match our sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers with many other items from our collection.

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Why is Egyptian Cotton Better?

When it comes to quality cotton sheets, Egyptian cotton is the best available. Often referred to as “the perfect combination of comfort and luxury”, Egyptian cotton is the gold standard in bed linens.

  • No Bobbling from Longer Fibers
    Bobbling, or ‘pilling’, is those little balls of fabric that can appear, over time, on cotton sheets, etc.  They are not only a little unsightly, but can be uncomfortable. Fibers from the Egyptian cotton plant are longer and produce little (if any) lint, which makes pilling unlikely.  Of all cotton types, Egyptian cotton has the longest fibers. This makes the cotton sheets softer with more luster than ordinary cotton fibers.
  • Durability & Cost Effectiveness
    Yes, they can be more expensive, but Egyptian cotton sheets will last longer than other sheets (assuming you care for them properly!).  Tightly weaved fibers make sheets with unparalleled durability – they are designed to last!  If you’ve never experienced the near perfect experience of sleeping on Egyptian cotton sheets, you’re in for a real treat – one you’re likely to enjoy for many years to come as long as you care for them properly.

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