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Boho Chic Cushion Collection

Boho Chic Cushion Collection - Cushions & Cushion Covers - Yorkshire Linen Beds & More

Boho Chic Cushion Collection

Boho Chic Cushion Collection, eight wonderful ‘boho’ design cushions.  The Boho Chic Cushion Collection from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More is a high end cushion range in 100% cotton, featuring ‘boho’ style tones and designs, all on a heavy woven material.  The cushions follow the highly popular Boho, Scandinavian & Ethnic styles which are a huge trend here in Spain!  all cushions feature zipped openings and are available with or without fillings.

What is Boho?

Boho design, short for Bohemian, is a style of interior design that is eclectic, colourful, and free-spirited. It draws inspiration from various sources, including hippie and bohemian culture, as well as global influences such as Moroccan, Indian, and African design.

Boho design typically features a mix of patterns, textures, and colours, with an emphasis on natural materials such as wood, leather, and woven fabrics. Walls are often left bare or painted in earthy tones, while furniture is comfortable and cozy, with plenty of cushions and throws.

The key to achieving a Boho look is to embrace a sense of individuality and creativity, combining different elements in unexpected ways. This may involve layering rugs and textiles, mixing vintage and modern pieces, and incorporating handmade or artisanal objects.

Overall, Boho design is a relaxed and inviting style that celebrates self-expression and a laid-back lifestyle.

Cushions from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More

Giant variety of fun, funky cushions and cushion covers to breath new life in to any old bedroom, living room or terrace!  Buy cushions for your perfect home from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More, Mijas Costa & Marbella!

Cushions can do Wonderful things to any Room!

They can add so much softness and comfort, while at the same time, the colours and patterns add atmosphere and a personal touch.  They can bring a fuss-free update to any home and are easily swapped when you feel like a change.

What does colour bring your room? Deep colours like rust or brown cushions bring a cosy comforting feel, associated with the great outdoors. Contrast them with lighter greens and mauves, or soften the look with cream. If your bedroom has a simple colour scheme, add depth and interest by layering on silver, white and grey cushions for a hotel chic look. White will add an airy feel, whereas grey serves as a modern but classic shade and altogether creates a calming space. If you have a large room, go for dramatic black cushions.

And then enhance the dramatic look by adding other bold colours like deep pinks, purples and turquoise. Or if your room is on the darker side, inject light with yellow cushions. Match your cushions and your curtains.

You might go for floor length luxury with lined velvet curtains if you’re after a glamourous look, or a light natural linen, if you love the rustic textured look. Grey curtains are subtle but also sophisticated and provide a blank canvas that can easily be accessorised by other colours such as mustard, blues, crisp white or even other shades of grey and metallic. Choose from eyelet, pencil pleat or tab top, your new grey curtains will be great addition to your room.

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