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Beat the Heat this Summer!

Beat the Heat this Summer - Ideas to Keep Cool in the Hotter Months

Beat the Heat this Summer!  The night time temperatures are on the rise and with electric bills on the increase many of us look for alternative ideas to keep cool so we have put together – simple ideas to help your keep your cool this summer!

Beat the Heat this Summer!

Cool yourself from the inside out. Keep hydrated drinking plenty of cool water or cold treats like slushies or frozen fruit.

Close down the blinds when the sun is high in the sky.  Literally keep out the heat! If you don’t have blinds, think about investing in some heat resist curtains or curtain linings that actually act as a barrier to stop the heat entering as well as stopping any cool air from leaving , this will help to maintain a much nicer temperature in your home.

Take a cold shower, bath or even a swim. Cool water on the skin is refreshing at the best of times but when the temperatures are up, turn the water heat down and enjoy the cold water soothing and gently decreasing your overall body temperature. For a more lasting coolness, try using peppermint products like body oils or scrubs which really help to maintain that fresher feeling.

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Cotton Bed Linen Keeps you Cool

Use natural fibres in both closing and bedding – nothing makes you more hot under the collar than walking around in a polyester t- shirt or sleeping under a thick, microfiber duvet. Look for cotton or linen or invest in some of the fabulous new products designed by NASA that are cotton with OUTLAST FABRIC *TM. These fantastic products actually regulate body temperature and feel cool to the touch even on the hottest of nights, the clever fabric dissipates heat, keeping your body at an optimal temperature. If you want to really feel the chill, pop you KEEP COOL products in the freezer (in some kind of protective packaging) for 10 minutes before placing them on your bed and then relax and enjoy!

Fans area a great way to move air around your body, making you feel cooler. Try putting ice cubes in a bowl in front of the airflow to cool down the air even more.

Embrace the fresh air once the sun has set. Generally the outside temperatures will drop. If its possible open up your windows to allow the fresher night air to enter your bedroom or living area. Voile or net curtains are ideal to use at this time of night as they allow some privacy if you have the lights on as well as keeping out flying bugs and mosquitoes but letting in the breeze.

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Thought for the day… It won’t be long until we will be writing about top tips for keeping warm during the winter – Happy Summer from the Team at Yorkshire Linen Beds and More!

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