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African Design Cushions

African Design Cushions from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More

African Design Cushions.  The Africa Collection from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More is a wonderful array of mix and match designs inspired by the colours and styles of Africa. Warm earthy colours that blend together on a linen style fabric. The cushions can be purchased as a filled or cover only option.

African Design Cushions

Warm and colourful inspirations from Africa!  African inspired interior soft furnishings can add warmth, texture, and a sense of exoticism to any living space. These soft furnishings draw inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of African tribes and their traditional crafts, including textiles, basketry, and pottery.

Our fabulous range of African-inspired cushions can add a touch of natural texture and earthy tones to your home decor.

When incorporating African-inspired soft furnishings into your interior design, it’s important to balance them with other elements in the room. Too much of these soft furnishings can make a space feel overwhelming, so it’s important to mix them with neutral colors and simple, modern furniture.

Overall, African-inspired soft furnishings can add a sense of history, culture, and authenticity to your living space. Whether you’re looking to add a few accent pieces or create a complete African-inspired interior, these soft furnishings can help you achieve a unique and beautiful look.


Giant variety of fun, funky cushions and cushion covers to breath new life in to any old bedroom, living room or terrace!  Buy cushions for your perfect home from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More, Mijas Costa & Marbella!

Cushions can do wonderful things to any room.  They can add so much softness and comfort, while at the same time, the colors and patterns add atmosphere and a personal touch.  They can bring a fuss-free update to any home and are easily swapped when you feel like a change.

Be Bold About Your Cushions

There was a time when everything had to match and be uniform. The material, print and colour of your sofa cushions were the same as your sofa. These days you can abandon those old rules and really be adventurous. Mix and match, choose contrasting colours, have a variety of sizes, and even go for more scatter cushions then you need. The rule is, there are no rules.

Getting new cushions or cushion covers is an easy and affordable way to freshen up a room.  Add a layer of comfort and warmth to any room with luxurious cushions. Turn your living or bedroom into an elegant sanctuary with statement cushions in new season prints.  Our extensive range of cushions and cushion covers is sure to have something soft to suit your style.

Whether you want to add colour and detail with patterned sofa cushions or you’re after some neutral knitted cushions for the Scandi chic look, Yorkshire Linen have what you’re looking for.  Coordinate with other stylish curtains and throws for an instant style update.

Huge range of Cushion Covers, Complete Cushions, Neck Roll Cushions and Cushion Pads.