Bedding & Bed Linen for holiday homes, hotels, guest houses and AirBnb Apartments.  We know this business, we really do!  We can help you get the best out of your holiday rental home, with durable bed linen soft furnishings, plus many tips on how to keep your guests happy!

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Bedding & Bed Linen for Holiday Homes

Bedding & Bed Linen for Holiday Homes

Hotel bed linen from Yorkshire Linen Beds & More has been trusted by local hotels, guest houses and holiday homes here on the Costa del Sol for over a decade and continues to provide the benchmark for quality, price and comfort.

Our commercial quality bedding makes a genuine difference your visitor’s stay, providing absolute comfort, uninterrupted sleep and directly increase the likelihood of repeat bookings.

Every sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover is designed and chosen to meet the highest standards, whilst our choice of polyester, polycotton and cotton bedding helps to balance comfort and durability against quick and simple laundering requirements. You can also complete your bedding with a great choice of blankets, bedspreads and runners.

Hotel, Airbnb & Holiday Home Bedding

Bedding & Bed Linen for Holiday Homes & AirBnb Rentals.  Everyone wants a good night’s sleep – especially your holiday guests.  Your Airbnb or hotel guests will be expecting high standards of bed linen in for their Costa del Sol holiday, and with our range of hotel quality bed linen, you can make sure they feel rested, relaxed and rejuvenated while on holiday in your property.

High Quality Bed Linen for Hotels, Guest Houses and Airbnb Rental Properties

At Yorkshire Linen Beds & More we stock everything from luxurious Egyptian Cotton sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers to the most durable bed linen for hard working Airbnb properties, all washable at high temperatures for the most demanding of guests.  All our high quality bedding is available for immediate dispatch to the Costa del Sol.

Well known for our understanding of the holiday industry and our impeccable attention to detail, Yorkshire Linen Beds & More have put together a collection of the best Hotel and holiday home bed linen, chosen for its quality, durability and practicality (high temperature wash and quick drying).  We know that your customers expect quality bed linen – every hotel, holiday home, guest house and Airbnb rental is judged by it.

The collection includes pillowcases, duvet covers, flat sheets, duvets and pillows, plus much more.

Hotel Bedding and Bed Linen

Our extensive range of high quality bedding and bed linen range features everything you’ll need to impress your holiday rental guests.  From luxurious Egyptian Cottons to practical, hard-waring polycottons, and practical pillow protectors, duvet protectors and mattress protectors.

Whether you’re looking for easycare polycotton, classic cotton rich and pure cotton bed linen or the finest luxury hotel quality 100% Egyptian cotton, we offer a number of bed linen collections featuring both affordable and premium sets to deliver a comfortable, cosy linen.

Whatever your holiday home bedding and bed linen requirements, we’re here to help you select the perfect products for your business – and your guests.

Why Choose Polycotton Bedding for your Holiday Rental?

For easy care and price Poly/ Cotton bedding is popular. The mixture of polyester and cotton makes laundering and ironing easier than if the bedding is just cotton (in most cases).

The poly/cotton blend is also slightly cheaper, so if you are expecting that you may need to be replacing bedlinen on a regular basis – perhaps because your target market are groups of young people or Hen or Stag parties – this may be a good option.

Our Essentials poly cotton ranges feel soft to the touch and washable at 60 degrees which is ideal for industrial laundering.

All of the essential ranges (poly/cotton – basic cotton and 200 thread count percale) are sold as separates, meaning if you need to replace a damaged duvet cover, you can just buy a duvet cover not a full set, keeping down the costs.

Why Buy White?

Thousands of hotels can’t be wrong!  White can be bleached, white can be washed with white so all of your laundry can be washed together, making it easier and cheaper on the laundering costs and white can be replaced with white.

We have seen it time and time again where a lovely patterned bedding set has had a pillowcase ruined by nail varnish or fake tan and so a bedding set has been left incomplete – with white a stained pillowcase can be replaced quickly, easily and without breaking the bank! This is with the exception of towels, although white is still the most popular colour for towels in a rental property in recent years we have seen a swing towards colours such as beige, taupe and grey and the reason being- fake tan!

Many sun tan lotions and face/body lotions that are popular to use on holiday contain some kind of fake or self-tan which can be really difficult to remove from white towels and the neutral coloured towels seem to not show up so much the slight orange residue of fake tan that can be left even after a multitude of washing!

Why Cotton?

We are all becoming more aware of the possible harmful effects of anything manmade may it be through chemicals or plastics polluting our planet or having a detrimental effect on our bodies. Sustainability and natural are words that we use with more and more frequency.

Cotton is the most natural of fibres, its breathable and cool in the summer. Many clients may expect cotton bedding its more normal especially in Northern European countries to use 100 % cotton bedding and we have a number of ranges starting with a basic cotton in our Essentials range, 200 thread count percale, 300 thread count sateen, 450 thread count pima cotton, 540 thread count hotel stripe and 1000 thread count – Some of these ranges are available in colours such as oyster, platinum, ivory, mulberry as well as the standard white.

When advertising a rental property, the key words such as cotton or Luxurious, Egyptian Cotton bedding in the description of your property can make the difference between someone renting from you or the other property they may be looking at – everyone enjoys that hotel experience in a nice bed with luxurious linen! In our cotton ranges we hold five key sizes in duvets and duvet covers SINGLE, DOUBLE, KING, SUPER KING and EMPERPOR SIZE.

The fitted sheets and indeed mattress protectors we hold as stock lines every size including small Spanish singles 80 cm, regular single of 90 cm, large single of 105 cm, three quarter guest bed 120 cm, standard double 135 cm ,Scandinavian double 140cm , Regular King size of 150 cm, Scandinavian / European King 160 cm, Super king size 180 cm and Emperor size 200 cm all of which come as an adjustable length from 190 to 200 cm in length . In the 200 and 300 thread count you will also find extra-long sheets in the bigger sizes such as 200 x 210cm and 200 x 220.

What type of duvets or bed coverings should we use?

The most popular weight of duvet that we supply is a medium weight (10 .5 tog or 300 gsm) . Spain in the summer gets hot. when it gets hot its often too hot for anything other than a flat sheet over you during the night but during the Autumn/Winter time the houses can feel quite cold as most homes are not fitted with central heating.

The medium weight duvet is normally warm enough to see through most of the cooler nights as a heavier 13.5 tog (400 gsm) may see you playing the leg in leg out game as you get too warm in bed.

When renting it’s important to consider allergies, it’s advisable to use duvets that do not contain feather as this can be dangerous to asthmatics. Duvets can be cotton with a silicon or hollow fibre filling that is anti-allergy or with a breathable, microfiber cover.

Throws or a Bedspread are popular and can be a handy addition either as an extra layer of warmth if the nights go chillier and as something decorative to either cover or accessorize the bedding along with a decorative cushion or

?? 2. Bedspreads are extremely useful in the summer months to use along with just a flat sheet as they make the bed look dressed during the day and can be either turned down or used along with a sheet depending on the night temperatures. Throws come in a multitude of colours and styles, folded on the end of a bed like a runner they will add a touch of colour as well as protecting the end of the bed when guests arrive and throw the suitcase fresh off the plane onto the bed to unpack – this can be very dangerous to white bedlinen!

Combine a simple throw with a co-ordinating cushion, add a couple of pictures and maybe an eye catching lamp and your simple white bedlinen has a theme and photograph nicely for publicity pictures.


This is such a personal thing.  A tried and tested method is to offer a combination of pillows that will include one medium firm (lofty) pillow for side or back sleeper, and softer lower pillow for guests who prefer to sleep on their front.

The combination of these two pillows together will give more height to someone with broader shoulder who sleeps on their side or back sleepers that prefer to be more up right.

The standard size that we supply at Yorkshire Linen Beds and More is the same standard size as used in UK (50 x 75 or 50 x 70 cm) but we also have a range of extra-long bolster pillows (50 x 90cm) which are more popular with our Spanish clients and ideal on large super king beds the large (65 x 65cm) continental square pillows which are popular in Northern Europe and add a little hotel chic to a bed.

Pillow Protectors

The most common mistake made when purchasing new bedding for a rental property is not protecting the mattress or pillows. The most off putting thing to an arriving guest is finding stains on a mattress or pillow or even smelling sweat on a dirty pillow.

It only takes a few nights of heat for a pillow to become infused with the moisture that has evaporated from a head leaving stain and odour which will be unpleasant for the next guest. Pillow protectors come in many styles and sizes – quilte , cotton , anti-dust mite with virus protection and even keep cool protectors that regulate body temperature.

Choose an option with a zip fastening so that they stay in place when the pillowcases are being removed during changeovers unless they need to be removed for laundering.

Mattress Protectors

Go water proof.  Don’t be scared of water proof mattress protectors with as with modern technology and innovative fabrics, many are now breathable so will not make you hot and sticky as well as being 100 % protection for the mattress.

The exception to the rule are protectors backed with rubber – these will make you hot and sweat meaning you may find your client will have removed them from the bed during the stay totally defeating then object.

Some models of protector can be washed at 90 degrees which may be handy. Quilted protectors are the popular choice for a property that is only going to be used by yourself or close friends say but holiday makers after a few glasses of Sangria, children out of a normal night time routine use your imagination.  Accidents will happen so play safe and be properly protected!


We touched on towels earlier in this article. White, fluffy towels are still the number one best seller although some neutral colours such as beige, grey or taupe are becoming increasingly popular as they launder well without too much colour fading but hide any slight imperfections that have been left by makeup or self tan.

It is normal to provide a hand towel and a bigger towel per person staying as well as at least one bath mat per bathroom – for laundering purposes and cutting down on the costs choose a medium size towel in a hotel style – the sizes are slightly larger than standard bath towels but not as large as a bath sheet (you will get more in the washing machine so cutting the costs).

Remember… the more towels you leave, the more will get used, so be careful if you leave extra towels in unlocked cupboards.

We recommend not going for anything under a 450gsm weight in towel as these will need to stand up to heavy washing.  Fabric softener or bleach is not advised on towels – fabric softener stops then drying properly and bleach turns white towels yellow as well as eating away the fibres.

It has become increasingly popular to provide pool or beach towels and can give you an advantage especially to large families looking for holiday accommodation, who do not want to travel with such bulky items to know that these are included in a package. The other advantage to this will be clients not taking your bath linen to the beach – and yes this happens!

General Soft Furnishings

Window dressing in a rental property should be practical as well as adding interest and design to a room If a room is bright and sunny and does not have the persianas ( black out blinds ) you may need to consider a black out curtain or blind especially in a bedroom as not everyone wants to wake up to full sunshine at 7 am after a night on the tiles!

Many of these curtains also will help to keep out the extreme heat during the summer months as well as keep in the warmth during the winter. Ring top curtains (eyelet) are easy to install and take down if washing is required.

Check that the curtains can be washed, dry clean only curtains in a rental property is not recommended.

Voile Curtains & Nets

Voile / Net panels are not just for privacy, they look great and come in a multitude of colours and designs but they also diffuse the light while letting In air also a must for keeping out flies and the dreaded mosquitoes at night ! These can be used as a standalone window dressing or in conjunction with curtains.

Spanish Style

Décor in Spain tends to be fairly different to that of the UK. Less fuss and lighter and brighter.

Scandinavian minimal style is also highly popular mixing natural colours in both soft furnishings and furniture. First impressions are everything in the highly competitive market of rentals the bright, clean looking apartment decorated in modern, fresh style with on trend soft furnishings and accessories will look ten times more appealing than the darker, dated apartment next door that has mismatched towels and bedding that clashes with the curtains …even if the dated apartment is cheaper.


Soft furnishings do not have to break the bank, key tips to decorate on a budget would be to paint out the walls in fresh white paint , put fresh white bedding on the beds , add cushion and a matching throws to both beds and sofas in something colourful ( tropical prints or anything that points to the seaside really appeal for holiday apartments ) and a couple of cheap and cheerful pictures in similar colours to the cushions , a couple of nice lamps , simple window dressing in similar colours again to your cushions and possibly a rug or two to add texture and interest.

Bathrooms should look clean and inviting, maybe a small plant on the sink and the towels rolled in a basket all these small touches for the photos will make help to make a great impression that hopefully becomes a booking, rental all sale!

Beds, Mattresses, Headboards and Bedroom Furniture

Bedding & Bed Linen for Holiday Homes.  Huge ranges of beds, mattresses, furniture, decoration and inspirational ideas for your home!

We have been trading at Yorkshire Linen Beds and More for over 10 years and our staff although highly trained have also accumulated a wealth of valuable knowledge and can advise you in every step of buying a new bed or mattress, choosing the right length of curtains for your windows or completely furnishing a home or holiday apartment. (We can offer a full, bespoke package to suit all budgets including delivery and installation.)

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Bedding & Bed Linen for Holiday Homes.